Wedding Planning Checklist: 11 Things You Need To Do 10-12 Months Before Your Wedding

Hi Bridal beauties, welcome to my blog. Today we are going to talk about Wedding Planning Checklist and timelines specifically for the 10 to 12 months out period.

It's super important that we break down the timeline depending on which part we're actually in, it makes it much less stressful.

If you are planning a wedding, if you are not sure what to do, if you are confused about all the information outside, don't worry are in the right place.This blog includes everything that you actually need to get done.

All right, let's start.

Figure out Your Budget

The first thing you need to do is to decide on your budget. You need to allocate that budget out among the categories and really know your numbers.

This part is always skipped over and ignored. But it's the most stressful part, because people aren't paying attention to it.

Get Organized

The next thing that you need to get done is get organized. So basically you need to decide how you are going to stay organized.

You're going to get a notebook and marker pens specially for you wedding, you can write, draw, make it lovely. Have everything on paper is totally cool. just be sure that you have a specific place for everything.

If you're more digital, you start a folder whether that's on your computer or in Google Drive - you can share everything with your fiance, your wedding planner and whoever is helping to plan your wedding.

But just make one place whether it's physical or digital, so that you know where everything is if you need it.

Create a Clear Vision for Your Big Day

It's super important to get a clear vision and write it out.

Trust me, if you really take the time to create the picture in the mood and the vision of your big day before you start planning, it makes the planning process much easier, because you have a very specific goal.

Everytime you sit down or every time you go to pick out another vendor, you really know what you want.

You're working towards a specific goal makes it much easier and it makes it turn out much better.

Pick Your Season/ General Timeline

Couples always pull out the calendar and pick specific dates. You definitely don't want to do this, because that really limits you when you go to look at venues. If you're more flexible there's a good chance you can get a better deal on a venue.

Also if you are more flexible that opens up more venues to you as well. If you like getting narrowed in on a date and you tell everybody and then you find your dream venue, and they don't have that available, that's going to be very frustrating.

So beauties, pick a season stay open and stay a little bit flexible. That will make it much easier for you to find your perfect date.

Your perfect date will come to you.

Book Your Venue

You want to get your venue booked as soon as possible towards the beginning of the process. Because then you have a date and you know which vendors you can book and stuff like that.

Also it feels a lot better once you have this done. It's like you have one major piece figured out, so we'll get this done up front.

Hire a Day - of Coordinator

If you are hiring a full-service planner that's what you will do instead.

I suggest that most brides just hire a day - up coordinator. You can totally plan your wedding yourself. There's enough resources out there including this blog, and tons of stuff out there for you to be able to plan your wedding yourself.

But you definitely need a day - of coordinator to help you out on the big day.

Pick Your Colours

The next thing you're going to do after you have your venue books specifically is pick your colours.

Start Your Wedding Website

There are tons of different options out there, I don't have a specific recommendation. I've seen people use Minted. I like Minted, because you can incorporate the same theme through your Wedding Website, through Save-the-Date, and through your Invitations.

But I don't have any bias, if you have one you really love, you can definitely leave that in the comments below for your fellow brides.

Create Your Gift Registry

Once you have your wedding website done and you shared that with your friends and family, then you can start your gift registry. You'll definitely want to link your gift registry on your wedding website.

Some people wonder why you get it done so early. That is because people will want to be buying you gifts for the different celebrations, and it's nice to just have your registry done. So that they can shop from that, so you're not getting a bunch of random stuff.

Get that done! get that out of the way! So that like your engagement party, your bridal shower or stuff like that you already have a registry completed, and then you can also add stuff as you go.

Choose and Ask Your Bridal Party

You're going to want to have your engagement photos taken. I highly recommend using the photographer that you plan on using for your wedding to take your engagement photos.

Because your engagement session is like a test-drive.

If your engagement photos turn out horrible, you probably don't want that photographer shooting your wedding. They only get one chance to shoot it. Make sure you have somebody who is awesome, who you can really connect with and who you feel comfortable with.

Say YES to the Dress & Veil

Finnally come to the last thing.

This is a long tip but thank you very much for your patience to read until here. You have succeed your wedding planning in half way!

A lot of times it takes a really long time for you to get your dress and veil in. The sooner you get it done, the more choices you have.


So that's my list for 10 to 12 months before your wedding. Just focus on the page that you are on. Don't flip forward and freak yourself out.

If you're ahead of schedule, that is fantastic news. Don't worry about it. If you're behind schedule, you're going to want to select some from this list. Just remember, you and your groom are the protagonists of this wedding, be yourself!

I hope this blog was helpful, if you have any questions about Wendy's Boutique, please Contact Us without hesitation.


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