Veil Colours & Fabrics

We have a fantastic range of veil colours & fabrics available for our hand picked in the UK veils. There are 3 main tulle types — Bridal Illusion, Bridal Easy Shape Firm Tulle and Italian Style — available in Diamond White and Pale Ivory colours.

We also quickly run through the colours each fabric type comes in, but really, to get the best idea on colours you need to see them in person. Feel free to order our veils and try them on at home, with 14-day free return.

Our Veil Fabrics

Bridal Illusion


Our light and crisp illusion tulle is one of our bestsellers. It has small diamond-shaped holes making it the sheerest of all our tulles. It’s light and airy yet has strength and structure and, when compared to some of our softer, more drapey tulles, is more likely to skim past any lace or beading on your dress rather than catch or cling. If you plan to wear your veil over the face, a beautiful sheer tulle like this always gives a pretty effect.

Italian Style

Our soft and ultra-smooth Italian style tulle is a great option for those who like a soft feeling tulle that’s still relatively lightweight. The diamond-shaped holes are also small which helps it feel smooth when you run your fingertips across it but makes it a tad less sheer. It could almost be described as a tulle-chiffon hybrid.

Bridal Easy Shape Firm Tulle

Our Bridal Easy Shape Firm Tulle is the sparklier cousin to our bestselling illusion tulle. It has very similar-sized diamond-shaped holes so is nice and sheer. It’s created from shimmery threads that give a very subtle sparkle, mostly only seen in direct sunlight or under strong artificial light. It’s a crisp, firm tulle with structure and you can find this tulle in one of our best selling veil CHLOE.


Our Veil Colours

Diamond White

Our most popular shade by far. It’s a perfect white shade that matches almost all wedding dresses. Most of our veils are made in this shade.

The term “diamond white” can often be misinterpreted to mean brighter than white. In fact, it’s a much softer, more natural white. It’s a neutral colour – neither cool nor warm. It’s very similar to light ivory in terms of colour depth, but without the hint of cream the light ivory has.

Pale Ivory

The Pale Ivory shade would work beautifully with both off white and light ivory dresses.



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