Veil Width Guide

How to Choosing the Right Veil Width?

As well as choosing the perfect length for your veil, it’s worth putting some thought into the veil width as well. Wedding dresses come in all kinds of shapes and sizes; Ball Gown, A-line, Mermaid, Sheath, etc. And there is a vast difference in the width of the skirt and train for each of those silhouettes. For short veils, the width also effects how full and ‘fluffy’ the veil looks, especially at the comb area.

How Wide Should A Short Veil Be?

If you’re having a short veil – fingertip length or above – the width is not quite so important as it is for a long one because it’s not affected in any way by the size of your dress’ train. For most bride’s choosing a short veil, we’d recommend going for the medium (standard) option of 59″ wide unless you wanted it particularly sheer (if so, choose the slim option) or particularly full and voluminous (if so, choose the full option). Sometimes even if the width is 59-inch, the veil will appear visually more sheer or fuller depending on the cut, shape or tulle. We explain what width options in the product details of each veil.

How Wide Should A Long Veil Be?

If you’re going with a long veil, I would encourage you to go with a 59-inch width. For long veils, where the veil is going to actually lay on top of the train, then you need to think about the width a little more carefully. Essentially, the wider the dress, the wider the veil should be. You can also play around with this. For example, you can create a beautiful effect by having a veil both longer and wider than your train to fully surround it in tulle.


We hope this guide to veil widths has explained how much the fabric width you choose can transform your veil’s look. If you need some one-on-one advice on which of our veil lengths to go for, just send us a picture of your dress and tell us whether you’re thinking of having a long (chapel, cathedral) or short (Waist to fingertip) veil, and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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